UK startups to watch 2017

As the year 2017 kicks in, it is important to watch for some new startups in a variation of fields. Reading through this article will help you discover Startups to watch 2017.


FLYROBE remains a designer clothing rental service founded by Tushar Saxena, Shreya Mishra and Pranay Surana. In September 2015, FLYROBE emerged in the spotlight and have raised seven million dollars from angel investors, GREE Ventures, IDG and Sequoia Capital. FLYROBE handles brands in the likes of Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Armani, Masaba Gupta and Ritu Kumar.


This is a product discovery company for e-Commerce services. UNBXD is founded by Prashant Kumar and Pavan Sondur. The company operates with one thousand two hundred ecommerce services in forty different nations. Nevertheless, about eighty percent of UNBXD revenue emanates from outside India. UNBXD operates with eCommerce services in the likes of Lenskart, PepperFry and Caratlane.

Laurel & Wolf:

Laurel and Wolf is simply an interior designing online service. The company has its VC as Charles River Ventures’ Saar Gur, which remains an investor. The funding of the company is around twenty-five million dollars. The primary operation of this company is to link people with interior designers on the internet. This makes it affordable and easy to transform a space.


Robinhood is a free stock trading platform with its VC as Greylock’s Josh Elman. The funding of Robinhood is about sixty-six million dollars at the moment. This free trading application will make it easy and simple to market and purchase stocks from your phone. The application makes stock trading intuitive, free, and mobile interactive. With Robinhood, you will be able to make trading decisions quickly.


Gametime remains a mobile ticket purchasing for live events. Gametime has its VC as Accel’s Brian O’Malley, which remains an investor. The current funding of Gamtime is 33.3 million dollars. With this mobile application, you will be able to locate last-minute tickets for entertainment and live events. You will also be able to share the information the app provides quickly.

In gross sales, Gametime remains the fastest developing ticketing service ever to attain fifty million dollars. Gametime makes everything simpler by focusing on the mobile audience. This can as well be done by selling tickets or sharing tickets through sms.


Zipline specialize in drones that will secure and save lives. Zipline has its VC as Sequoia’s Matt Huang, which remains an investor. Zipline has funding the company’s operations with about eighty-five million dollars. Zipline is a professional company that helps to design drones which transports life-saving medical items such as blood, medicines and vaccines. Records have shown that the company remains the world’s premier commercial drone delivery business.

Zipline is handling a major need while other services are still experimenting with drones. It has started operation in Rwanda, where healthcare instrastructure and poor roads have often been difficult to reach by patients. Zipline will also extend its lead in 2017 with data from real customers and a brilliant technology team.


While startups to watch 2017 remains a huge phrase, you can be sure to find new and innovative businesses reaching the premises of users, time and again.

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