Designing The Perfect Landing Page

A Landing page is a page that you send traffic to with the goal of generating a conversion for your business. You could simply want them to pick up the phone and call you, or the goal may be more complex. Landing pages can also be highly relevant pages that are in place for SEO purposes (read our article about how startups can get good at SEO).

It’s the landing page which compels or dissuades your guests. So, if done wrongly, it could lead to low traffic.

Over the years I’ve found out that the best landing pages are simple, sleek and that convey your message to your audience swiftly while being strong.

Although there is no comprehensive plan for how to design the perfect landing page, these are a couple of points that you should consider before designing your Landing page:

Goal of your website

Try to analyse what you want your visitors to do when they reach your Landing page. Do you want them to buy something? Fill up a form or sign up for a newsletter? These are some of the most pertinent questions one need to know the answers to.

Know your Competitors as well as your Audience

It’s always important to know who you are competing against and their strategies. Learn how they succeed.
Secondly, know your audience, their hopes, and yearnings. The more you know your audience, the more will you be able to cater to their needs.

Now let me be more specific as to how to design the perfect landing page:


Keep your design clean and flawless so that your visitor pays attention to what you have to say. And if you use photos to convey your message, make sure they are relevant to the context of your website.

Ad Copy

While writing the copy, emphasise the points which indicates to the visitor the uniqueness about your service/product. Further, if you have any incentives up your sleeve, this is the perfect place and time to unveil it.

Copywriting is a subject in itself (see our guide on writing good copy) and is often overlooked by webmasters. Imaginaire Digital also wrote a great article about the thinking behind some of the best copy in the world.


Give a catchy heading which complies with the advertisement wording. More often than not, the Heading will decide how many people click on your page, so it becomes the most important aspect of your page.

Clear Headlines

These are the first thing your visitor will notice. So keep it concise and to the point. Don’t bore your guest by talking too much about yourself. Remember, the Landing page is all for the visitor.

Impeccable Grammar and word use

Always remember to write with the precise blend of clarity and simplicity. Never become complicit with grammar and spellings. Sometimes, a very small mistake could make a big difference.

ConversionXL wrote an interesting article that discusses how grammar mistakes could be costing you money, we’d definitely recommend giving it a read.

Eliminate Distraction

Proper placement of text and photos that complement each other is very significant. Avoid using links that take your guest to irrelevant sites. These may frustrate them.

Display Testimonials

Testimonials coming out of someone’s mouth has always been a driving force of success. So, if your business has received some good reviews from the customers, make sure you display them. This is an effective way to build trust.

Bigcommerce go as far as saying that good testimonials can lead to 62% more revenue from customers. Quite the claim, but nevertheless, we believe that testimonials are a vital trust factor.

Call-to-action Button

This is the part for which you have been working for; make sure to have a clearly stated purpose. Make the CTA button stands out from rest of the text in the page. The call-to-action button should be distinct and have a contrasting colour. Try using words like “try”, “submit”, “let’s try it” or give a more personal tone like “get my free copy” for your CTA button.

Unbounce wrote an excellent article about how to design buttons that convert.

Improve and Innovate

This is an extensive process that requires the set of business copywriters, marketers, web designers, and UX and UI designers. Regularly improve and innovate your landing page.

Always remember, the perfect Landing page cannot be designed in one shot. Things will need a lot of tweaking to work great. Keep testing and improving.