How is big data changing the world?

Big Data is one of the latest buzzword in the tinsel town and organisations are trying hard to make sense of the data flood coming their way.

With the advent of the internet, a lot of multinational companies have got access to a variety of digital information which if analysed in a proper way can help in finding solutions to the long unanswered and ignored problems of the organisations.

In the olden days when there was limited access to information. Anticipating future business trends was tough. But, with the growth of social media platforms, the amount of data generated is multiplying every minute and this can help companies to gain a competitive advantage as it enables improved interaction with the end user of their product or service.

Companies are now able to anticipate upcoming customer needs and are designing their services accordingly to cater to their target audience. Some big data companies have been introduced to the corporate world. The consultants in these agencies are skilled professionals with expertise in uncovering hidden insights from the available sources of information that can benefit organisations.

These services have even helped to improve fraud detection which has led to less number of theft and crime cases. It has also helped in the creation of customised products for specific customers based on their choices and changing demands.

Organisations that do not consider getting their data analysed are losing out on lots of customer service improvement and thus are dampening business growth. In today’s competitive business landscape, it is becoming increasingly mandatory for organisations to stay abreast of the latest trends and the understanding the digital media is among the strongest ways of getting unique insights that might also aid improved decision making.

Understanding the difference between structured and unstructured data can help companies lead a step ahead of their immediate competitors, and this can only happen by outsourcing the data analysis task to one of the reputed big data companies in the town. The consultants can work along with you; try to understand your organisation’s core objectives, giving you a clear picture of the latest market trends through their detailed analysis.

The pace at which technology is taking over, organisations need to find innovative ways of understanding the changing consumer behaviour. It also helps in streamlining the business processes well in advance to meet the upcoming necessities of the tech-savvy world.

Big Data Hadoop is among the most popular open source platforms that assists in the remarkable data management process. In a nutshell, it is a framework that helps in processing large sets of data in a distributed computing environment. It can expand from single servers to thousands of machines, each providing computation and storage.

Hadoop is a distributed file system that allows for faster data transfer rates between nodes and provides the base for carrying out uninterrupted operations even in the case of node failures. This way the risk of catastrophic system failure is diminished, in spite any number of inactive nodes that turn out of action.

The main reason that attracts big multinational companies is its low cost of implementation and convenience of operation. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the market for Hadoop is expected rapidly jump from a $1.5 billion in the year 2012 to an around $16.1 billion by the year 2020. It can, therefore, be said that the data management sector has broadened from software and the web to more detailed industries such as retail, healthcare, etc. This, consequently, has created a good deal of demand for platforms that are more result oriented and cost effective too.

There has been a huge demand for Hadoop professionals these days. Various multinational companies and huge organisations across the globe are hunting for Hadoop experts. But, the openings are getting filled properly due to the scarcity of resources. Companies are not getting enough skilled IT professionals who can fill these empty positions. Therefore, the idea of getting Big Data – Hadoop Training can prove to be beneficial in this demanding situation.

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