4 Tips For Measuring The Effectiveness Of A Digital Marketing Campaign

One of the most crucial and largest expenditures that any business will be involved in is marketing. A business will not grow in revenue and size if the customer base is not properly fed. For any business to be successful there should be effective marketing campaigns.

We invited Seb Dean who runs digital marketing agency, Imaginaire, to give his thoughts on how digital campaigns should be measured.

Is your quest for how a business can measure its marketing effectiveness? In this content, you will discover great tips for measuring the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign.

1. The channels that you want to track should be defined

The effectiveness of a business advertisement campaign can be easily done by categorising the market accumulated traffic into subgroups called channels. Below are some channels to consider and what they stand for.

A. Direct: Direct simply refer to people who find your organisation or business without being contacted by other referrals. A good example can be found with prospective visitors that discovered your business web page through a print advertisement and conducted online research.

B. Organic: Organic also refer to people who found a business via search engines in the likes of Yahoo, Google, and Bing. This people are already searching for a service or product similar to what your business provides. This people are not focused on a given company, but only a service or product online.

C. Paid: When you pay for an advertisement campaign, your business will attract targeted audiences. This people arrived at your website because of the ad you paid for.

2. The campaign should be properly planned and have a great way of tracking it

Without any scintilla of doubt, anybody will be able to understand this method easily. A well thought out digital marketing campaign should be properly planned with a unique tracking system. This helps to boost the effectiveness of the campaign.

Depending on your business, you’ll want to determine key performance indicators for tracking your campaign. A common KPI for our local business clients is very simplistic, phone calls.

3. The next step to take is by measuring your digital marketing campaigns

Remember that this process will only be affective after you already complete the planning and set in place the tracking method. When the campaign is active, then the actual tracking can now take place.

A. Measure the search marketing performance of your digital campaign. If you want to measure traffic and other important information, simply make use of Google Analytics. However, this method may not be sufficient to track or measure the functionality of your website. Using methods such as search engine optimisation can also help effectively.

4. Define the digital marketing metrics you want to track or measure

The ROI is one of the most important measures that should be taken for your marketing or business campaigns. Using marketing metrics remain one of the most effective ways to achieve success in the entire process. Marketing metrics remain easy collection and accumulation of numeric information. It helps to get some ideas on a digital marketing campaign to track a business’ objectives.


You can use tools such as Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, RapidMiner and Marketo to get a perfect result on the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Using the right tools will help to get rid of the guess work.

It’s also worth noting that some of the old school methods of marketing still work fantastically alongside digital, read our article about it.