UK startups to watch 2017

As the year 2017 kicks in, it is important to watch for some new startups in a variation of fields. Reading through this article will help you discover Startups to watch 2017. FLYROBE: FLYROBE remains a designer clothing rental service founded by Tushar Saxena, Shreya Mishra and Pranay Surana. In September 2015, FLYROBE emerged in … [Read more…]

Is London the new Silicon Valley?

What and Where is Silicon Valley? First of all, we have to know what is Silicon Valley before we can answer the question “Is London the new Silicon Valley?” Silicon Valley is a location of America that is the technological hub of the US. It is found in San Francesco, Carlifornia. Silicon Valley consists of … [Read more…]

Can content marketing be an online and offline endeavour?

Unless you’re a marketer and you’ve been living under a rock for the last 3 years, there’s probably one phrase that you’ve seen banded around pretty much EVERYWHERE… Content Marketing. We all know what content marketing is, it’s the process of creating valuable content for your audience that positions you as a thought leader in … [Read more…]

How is big data changing the world?

Big Data is one of the latest buzzword in the tinsel town and organisations are trying hard to make sense of the data flood coming their way. With the advent of the internet, a lot of multinational companies have got access to a variety of digital information which if analysed in a proper way can … [Read more…]

Monetising Your Blog Without Making It Spammy

In this article you will learn how blog posting can increase traffic to your website and how you can leverage this fact by making sales right from within the blog posts that you are writing without bringing the quality of your website down. You will also learn how you can find out what types of … [Read more…]

Gaining an edge in a competitive market

How should you, a professional service firm business owner, find your voice and win out in what is a highly competitive and difficult marketplace? In a market that is awash with ‘me too’ copy cat professionals; each offering pretty much the same level and quality of service for similar fees with works completed to similar … [Read more…]